Building Worlds

Building Worlds takes you behind the scenes of our opening show Free Your Mind to meet the teams and people that create a show.

Dream Space

What does art have the power or potential to do, when we allow ourselves to dream? We explore this in our new podcast, hosted by Gemma Cairney.

Editor in Residence

  • Factory+ Editor in Residence Kemi Alemoru wears a pink trench coat and smiles at the camera

    Photo by Marieke Macklon

    Kemi Alemoru

    Introducing our very first Editor in Residence: Kemi Alemoru. Taking over Factory+ for the next month, Kemi is exploring radical ideas about space. A writer and editor originally from Manchester, Kemi is the former Culture Editor of gal-dem – the editorial platform dedicated to centring people of colour from marginalised genders – and has worked as a presenter for BBC3 and Channel 4. 

    For Factory+, Kemi has commissioned some of the most exciting voices in contemporary UK writing to explore the theme of space. Through a series of articles and deep dives, Kemi has curated a range of viewpoints and opinions on the political nature of space and who gets to occupy it – from the sticky dancefloors of club culture to safe spaces for queer communities. 

    Read Kemi's editorial


  • We Dwell in Possibility

    The latest digital work in our Virtual Factory series is a queer gardening simulation by Robert Yang and Eleanor Davis.
  • Your Progress Will Be Saved

    LaTurbo Avedon journeys inside Fortnite Creative for the first work in our Virtual Factory series
  • Songs of the Lost

    Paloma Dawkins' magic-realist game odyssey through a surreal and absurd digital landscape.
  • Lost Memories Dot Net

    MIF’s first ever game commission, courtesy of one of the most innovative and individual video game designers working today - Nina Freeman.


Postcards From Now

Postcards from Now presents five distinct perspectives on the Global Pandemic from leading international artists of every stripe – choreographers, musicians, visual artists, theatre-makers, animators and more. Commissioned and created at the height of the lockdown, these films explore everything from community to communication, patriarchy and power. And in very different ways, they consider the question that we’ve all been asking ourselves and others: what happens next?

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An illustration of two men, drawn in white outlines against a black background

Breathless Puppets [Akram Khan & Naaman Azhari]


  • To the Moon

    In this interactive essay, Laurie Anderson shares how she drew inspiration from constellations to create a new work in VR for MIF19, To the Moon.
  • Big Ben Lying Down With Political Books

    Explore Argentinian art pioneer Marta Minujín’s participatory artwork alongside comprehensive archives of her work.
  • Portrait Of Black Britain Online

    This online gallery profiles a range of Black people living in the UK today, the contributions they make and the roles they play in society


Immersive Tech In Performance

In 2019, we began a major piece of research and development exploring how audiences of the future will experience live performance. Fifteen specialist organisations, including MIF brought together their expertise in theatre and performance, the music industry, video production, gaming and the research sector to explore what it means to perform live using technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

To celebrate the completion of this research many of the findings have been published at Findings In The Future, a collection of panel discussions and technical documents that share insights into the making of DYSTOPIA987, Dream and more.

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