Maxine Peake, Sarah Frankcom and Imogen Knight sat on chairs smiling in a yellow rehearsal room

In the Studio with MAAT (Maxine Peake, Sarah Frankcom, Imogen Knight) | Factory International

We visit actor Maxine Peake, director Sarah Frankcom and movement director Imogen Knight in their studio ahead of the world premiere of Robin/Red/Breast.

The trio discuss their newly-formed company MAAT and how their work combines music, art, activism and theatre. Maxine Peake – a self-confessed folk horror fan – talks through the origins of Robin/Red/Breast.

Plus, they reflect on their long history of collaborating with Manchester International Festival – on They (MIF23), The Nico Project (MIF19), The Skriker (MIF15) and The Masque of Anarchy (MIF13).

Robin/Red/Breast is a new folk horror play inspired by John Bowen's cult TV play and made in collaboration with writer Daisy Johnson and musician Gazelle Twin. It runs from Wednesday 15 May to Sunday 26 May.

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