We visit Keith Khan’s studio in Girona ahead of the opening of his multi-disciplinary theatrical event The Accountants at Aviva Studios.

Born in London and of Trinidadian Indian heritage, Keith Khan’s extraordinary career spans Notting Hill Carnival, the Millenium Dome Opening Ceremony and the Golden Jubilee Commonwealth Parade. He was Director of Design for the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Manchester and Head of Culture for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, won an Obie for Outstanding Production for Alladeen and a Time Out Dance and Performance Award for Moti Roti, Puttli Chunni.

Find out how family history influenced him to approach art from a practical basis, and why collaboration is key to his practice.

The Accountants opens at Aviva Studios on 4 May 2024. Experience an electrifying encounter of cultures as China and India take centre stage.

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