In this episode our dreamer is the brilliant Jenn Nkiru. An award-winning artist, director, and visionary filmmaker from Peckham, Jenn's work is rooted in Black music history, Afro-surrealism, experimental film, and the Black arts movement.

Jenn Nkiru's distinctive filmmaking style, which she describes as “cosmic archaeology,” switches between eras and locations. She has directed documentaries, cinematic shorts, and the critically acclaimed music video for Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl," which won the Best Music Video award at the 2021 Grammys.

For Factory International, Jenn is creating a brand new film reflecting on space, time, and memory, intertwining Manchester’s industrial history with modern-day architecture, and paying homage to the people and culture of the city. Explore Jenn Nkiru's visionary work in this captivating podcast interview.

Photo © Rosaline Shahnavaz

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