City of Floating Sounds: Choose Your Own Path

6 - 8 Jun 2024

This event has ended
A Manchester canal and greenery
6 - 8 Jun 2024
Location of your choice (within a 30-minute walk of Aviva Studios)
Standard Tickets £20
Concessions £10
Aviva £10 tickets

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We’re putting art in the heart of Manchester, within reach of everyone; and have affordable ticket options including £10 tickets for those on limited incomes.

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This event has ended

Running time: 2 hours.

Please note the performance element in the Hall at Aviva Studios contains smoke.

Accessibility features available for this event: Wheelchair Access

City of Floating Sounds invites you to travel through the city listening to fragments of Huang Ruo's new symphony before its world premiere at Aviva Studios. You can make your own way to the venue or join in at one of our suggested starting places.

On the day of the performance, you’ll need to select a starting point between 20 and 25 minutes away from Aviva Studios.

Using the City of Floating Sounds app, you’ll be able to see other audience members making their way to the venue. Find other people to reveal more parts of the symphony. The more people you find, the richer the sound.

Take yourself down quieter thoroughfares – then join up with others to create a louder sound and see how the music blends with the busy city streets.

Join other audience members at Aviva Studios for a collective crescendo, before the premiere of the symphony in full performed by BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

If you don’t feel like doing a long journey through the city, we invite you to adapt your experience to suit your own needs and preferences. You may prefer to wander the streets close by to Aviva Studios or have a seat outside the building and listen to the music as you wait for others to arrive.

Image: Matthew Waring

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