Performances begin at 6.30pm. The city journey will last 40 minutes.

We will then have a brief intermission of 20 minutes at Aviva Studios before the live concert with the BBC Philharmonic at the venue at 7.30pm, which also lasts 40 minutes.

Yes! We ask that anyone under the age of 14 is accompanied by an adult.

Part 1 – Journey through the City

This depends on the ticket you have purchased: you will have selected one of four parks in Manchester or Salford, or the ‘Choose your own path’ option.

If you have selected one of the parks (Cathedral Gardens, Sackville Gardens, Ordsall Park or Peel Park) you will need to make your way there ahead of the performance time.

More information with transport links is available here: Cathedral Gardens, Sackville Gardens, Ordsall Park, Peel Park.

If you have selected the ‘Choose your own path’ option you can choose your own starting point anywhere in the city no more than a 30-minute walk away from Aviva Studios.

If you are starting from one of the parks there will be a meeting point. Look for a pop-up banner with the Factory International logo and our team members in orange t-shirts. The meeting points will be indicated in the pre-show information emailed to you ahead of the performance.

Yes, we ask that you arrive at your chosen starting point between 6.00pm and 6.30pm, ready to begin the experience promptly at 6.30pm.

If you need support from our team with the app or anything else, we ask that you arrive in good time for them to offer assistance before the performance begins.

The audio experience will last 40 minutes in total.

We have suggested routes of different lengths to suit different needs and abilities (details below), though they are all at least one mile in length.

The journey through the city should take you between 25 and 35 minutes to complete depending on the route you select. The final 5 to 10 minutes of the symphony will be enjoyed as a collective moment after your arrival at Aviva Studios.

The app contains a map with some suggested routes to follow from our starting points to Aviva Studios, though if you want to explore your own path, please feel free!

Suggested Route lengths:

Cathedral Gardens: 1 mile (approx. 22 minutes according to Google Maps)

Sackville Gardens: 1.2 miles (approx. 28 minutes according to Google Maps)

Ordsall Park: 1.3 miles (approx. 27 minutes according to Google Maps)

Peel Park: 1.1 miles (approx. 25 minutes according to Google Maps)

You also have the option of choosing your own path: select your own starting point anywhere in the city within a 30-minute walk of Aviva Studios, even if you have booked a ticket from the parks and change your mind.

You can even head to Aviva Studios and wander around the city streets close to the venue or have a seat and listen while you wait for others to arrive.

We ask that you have arrived at Aviva Studios while the symphony is still playing (within 40 minutes from the start time).

Just you and your fully charged smart phone, with the app downloaded

Use of the app is included in your ticket price.

You will be sent an email containing a link to download the app a few days ahead of the performance date you have bought a ticket for.

It's as simple as:

  1. Install the free app over a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Still using a Wi-Fi connection, select your performance time within the app (it’s important you select the day you have bought the ticket for).
  3. Wait until the day of the performance before selecting your performance time again.
  4. The app will count down to the start time.
  5. When the music starts to play, set off on your journey and enjoy!

The app will only play the symphony at the performance time you have selected.

We have a number of devices available to borrow for the experience. If you would like to book one of the devices, please email ahead of your performance date. We will meet you at the starting point with the device.

The map has a heat signature which shows the location of other groups of audience members, allowing you to seek out other participants taking part.

The performance has been designed for people to listen to the symphony out loud through your phone speakers. But if you prefer you can use headphones or a Bluetooth amplifier device.

Where possible we encourage you to use the app during the experience. The symphony will continue to play if you leave the app though, so you are free to take some pictures for Instagram!

The symphony will continue to play if you need to leave the app and it will jump back in after your call is over.

The Ordsall Park route is not suitable for wheelchair users.

The remaining routes from Cathedral Gardens, Sackville Gardens and Peel Park may be challenging for wheelchair users and those with other access requirements. You can see videos of the routes on each page – click the links above for more details.

You are also invited to ‘Choose your own path’ which may be a more comfortable experience – please see more details under the ticket booking options.

If you have any issues with the app, please email in advance of the performance day. Include a screenshot of any error messages and a contact number in your email.

Unfortunately, the music is not available for download, though the symphony will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 later this year.

We do not collect personal information from anyone downloading the City of Floating Sounds app, and we take your privacy seriously. You can view our privacy policy here.

It varies according to phone. We will have some charging facilities for you to use to re-charge your phone at Aviva Studios before and after Part 2 should you need them.

Part 2 – Live Concert

The concert takes place in The Hall and South Warehouse at Aviva Studios.

Small sections of the orchestra will be positioned throughout the space on raised platforms. During the performance we encourage you to move around the space, actively participating in how you experience the show.

There will be areas of seating at different points around the space. You can choose to remain in one place or use them to rest for short periods.

There will be an accessible viewing platform with ramp for wheelchair users.

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