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Watch Free Your Mind – the latest collaboration between globally renowned filmmaker Ruth Hogben and iconic fashion designer Gareth Pugh.

WARNING: This film contains flashing images.

What does it take to direct Factory International's biggest show yet? How do you build on the iconic costumes of The Matrix?

WATCH: Building Worlds

Where do we go to free our bodies? What does the future of Artificial Intelligence hold for us?

  • Writer, editor and academic McKenzie Wark

    READ: Free Your Body

    Inspired by the iconic club scenes within The Matrix films directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, New York-based academic and writer McKenzie Wark has commissioned a range of voices to muse on the question: where do you go to free your body? The responses represent a range of cutting-edge fiction, reflection and essays.

    McKenzie is the author, among other things, of Love and Money, Sex and Death (Verso Books), Raving (Duke University Press), and Reverse Cowgirl(Semiotexte). She edited the Trans | Fem | Aesthetics special issue of eflux journal and co-edited the Black Rave special issue with madison moore. She teaches at The New School in New York City.

Free Your Mind Official Programme

Free Your Mind programme
Available to buy at Aviva Studios, the Free Your Mind programme features original writing from award-winning author Jeanette Winterson, a history of Manchester’s connection with computing, reflections from the creative team behind the show – and the AI-powered ChatGPT going head to head with poet, playwright and essayist lisa luxx.

What does art have the power or potential to do, when we allow ourselves to dream? 

  • Sabrina Mahfouz

    Listen: Dream Space

    In this exclusive podcast from Factory International, writer and poet Sabrina Mahfouz – one of the co-creators behind Free Your Mind – speaks to host Gemma Cairney about the power and potential of art when we allow ourselves to dream, as well as her dream exhibition space inspired by all things '90s.

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This group of Greater Manchester residents have been an integral part of Free Your Mind, and we thank them for their time, effort and creativity.


Adrian Bentley

Adrian Parker

Adriano Primerano

Ahad Omer

Ali Bavarsad

Aliya Machat

Andrew Simpkins

Angie Ryan

Ann Sutcliffe

Annabelle Lloyd-Hughes

Anthony Mcloughlin

Benita Cullen

Carlos Lopes

Carol Barber

Carrie Williams

Catherine Fyfe

Char Pacey

Charles Palmer

Charlotte Nicholls

Chloe Broomhead

Christina Christophi

Dalia Elghazawy

Danielle St-Amour

Darren Matthews

David Cunningham

Dominic Dempsey

Dorretta Maynard

Edward Bray

Eliza Szupryczynska

Estelle Longmore

Frederick Torrance

Gaynor Isherwood

George Mo

Georgie Harold-Moss

Hazel Roy

Heidi Reid

Helen Hill

Helen Kendall

Iqra Iftikhar

Jacque Garside

Jane Philpott

Janice Bonner

Jessica McCandless

Joey Whitworth

Joseph Morris

Joshua Fitton

Julie Slater

Karen Tuatara

Kate Frain

Kathryn Morley

Kirsty Oliver

Larry Bode

Lauren Nicholls

Louise Minta

Lucy Porte

Luke Richards

Lydia Sutherland

Maggie Joan Haggas

Maretha Ilves

Margarette Lee-Chapman

Maria Luc

Marisa Rooney

Matilda Glen

Maureen O'Neill

Miça Quartey

Michelle Smith

Nadia Bennett

Naomi Weaver

Nick Hardiker

Nigel Cain

Oluwatobi Alapelode

Phil Hicks

Phoebe Coleman

Priti Shah

Rachel Beach

Rachel Delooze

Rebekah Davies

Roanna Warren

Rosie Thackeray

Sallie Bridgen

Sarah Galligan

Sharvi Rana

Sian Ilett

Simon Elliot

Soumya Krishnamurthy

Steve Torley

Sujata Gupta

Susan McGonnell

Susan Simpkins

Thao Hoang

Vasilikey Kapsalos

Vincent Dugdale

Wing Liu


Manchester, UK

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