• 50 Hours of Freedom

    50 Hours of Freedom

    50 Hours of Freedom brings together three local, non-binary artists to create a new piece of work in response to a brief from the award-winning international artist, Danez Smith. There is potential for explicit language and mentions of transphobia and homophobia.

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  • An illustration of the Balmy Army

    Balmy Army

    Balmy Army is a project made by people with lived experience of mental health struggles. You can expect content including all kinds of mental health and intersecting experiences. During each event, there will be lots of people to talk to if you find yourself with big feels.

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  • Benji Reid

    Benji Reid: Find Your Eyes

    Find Your Eyes makes reference to abortion, medical emergencies and suicide. Age Guidance: 16+

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  • A silhouette of a woman in side profile wearing her hair in a bun with Juda sticks on a bright yellow background.


    untitled f*ck m*ss s**gon play contains strong language, references to racist stereotypes, implied sexual situations, and allusions to miscarriage. There are heavily stylised and unrealistic depictions of suicide as well as blood, knives and guns.

    Age Guidance: 14+.

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  • A group of performers around a table littered with objects, some are playing musical instruments, one is waving a flag

    The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions

    The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions deals with sexual liberation in an explicit way. The production also makes reference to discrimination and violence against the LGBTQIA+ community.

    Both the creative team behind the project and Factory International recognise that faggot is a provocative word – one that for many isn’t easy to read or hear.

    When Larry Mitchell wrote and published the book in 1977, he sought to reclaim the word in a loving, supportive and positive way. This follows a long process of reclamation by parts of the LGBTQIA+ community of words that have previously been seen as only negative – including using the word queer as a collective term. The inclusion of the word faggot in this production marks that intention and is a deliberate choice by the creative team.

    Since the book was published in 1977, conversations about gender diversity within the queer community have also evolved, and this is reflected in both the language the show uses and the casting.

    Factory International is also collaborating with a care consultant, who is a practitioner of care-focused devised work with expertise working within the queer community, to create safe rehearsal and performance space. Some of the care practices we will put in place include daily check ins and check outs, an invitation to respond to an access questionnaire and an anonymous feedback form to help the team better identify and understand the needs of the company. We'll build on the learnings gained from this process as a part of our organisational commitment to the care of the artists, crew and staff we work with.

    For anyone who feels affected by any of the issues raised around discrimination towards the LGBTQIA+ community in this production, we would like to signpost to the LGBT Foundation, The Proud Trust and Stonewall for their expert resources, help and advice.

    Age Guidance: 16+.

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  • We Cut Through Dust

    We Cut Through Dust

    We Cut Through Dust is an interactive work by Blast Theory and Manchester Street Poem which invites you to venture through the streets of Manchester. It may include strong language, references to abuse, substance misuse and mental illness.

    Age Guidance: 16+

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