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Spotlight: Benji Reid: Find Your Eyes


Find Your Eyes is under way. A surreal show that combines theatre, photography and choreography in true MIF fashion.

The hip hop theatre turned award-winning photographer Benji Reid explores new ground in this confessional performance.

Polly Checkland Harding visited Benji and dramaturg Keisha Thompson during rehearsals to find out how Find Your Eyes came into being.

Polly Checkland Harding | Seeing Behind the Scenes

Photo by Paul Blake

Photo of a filmmaker filming a dancer on stage


An award-winning photographer creating Afro-futurist images in his front room? We can’t get enough of Benji this MIF.

Watch Benji Reid | In the Studio for a peek inside his home studio and to find out more about his practice.

Plus an endorsement from iconic photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino.


Our friends at Reform Radio hosted a Factory Sounds special with two members of our 2023 cohort, Prido and Jasmin Isaaka.

Listen to Prido and Jasmin discuss our artist development programme, their music and future plans. Then get down to Festival Square where Jasmine is playing at 6.15pm.


Blow off some steam tonight at R.O.S.E – a celebration of club culture and dance in Manchester’s iconic New Century Hall.

R.O.S.E brings choreographer Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar and London-based record label Young together for an interactive night club. Featuring a DJ set from one of the industry’s best selectors Ben UFO.

Stand back and watch as dancers weave through the crowd. And when the music feels right, join in.

A dancer in a nightclub wearing a silver costume
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