In this episode of the Dream Space podcast, Nabihah Iqbal transports us to Egypt, where a calm oasis awaits on the banks of the Nile and a golden sunset is frozen in time. Birds sing, grandma cooks, and Jeff Buckley, Cleopatra, and Bruce Lee wander by in conversation.

Nabihah Iqbal is a musician, DJ, writer, and broadcaster. In 2023, she curated the Brighton Festival and toured her latest album DREAMER—a record created during the early months of 2020 after her studio was burgled and her long-awaited album lost.

For Factory International, Nabihah produced the music for Factory Works, an audio artwork by artist Neville Gabie, in collaboration with construction workers and manufacturers involved in the creation of Aviva Studios. Join Nabihah in this captivating episode as she blends music, memories, and culture in her unique artistic vision.

Photo: Shahir Iqbal

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