Utopolis Manchester was a visionary site-specific work that uses intricate tapestries of sound and voices to transform our view of the city. Gathering in dozens of small groups at multiple locations, exploring the people and places that shape Manchester’s daily life – and discovering the many ways in which citizens build communities, society and democracy.

As our assembly reaches critical mass, a question emerges. Can a group of disparate individuals come together to forge a utopian state? And how large can this system grow before it falls apart?

Created by Rimini Protokoll and inspired by Thomas More’s Utopia, Utopolis Manchester asks whether another society might exist, if only for a utopian moment...

Commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Theatre Olympics 2019, Schauspiel Köln and Coventry UK City of Culture 2021.

Utopolis premiered as Utopolis Manchester during MIF2019 on 10 Jul 2019.

Image Credit: Lee Baxter

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International Presentations

Saint Petersburg

7 Sep – 5 Oct 2019

Theatre Olympics 2019


15–30 Sep 2021

Schauspielhaus Köln


13 May – 4 Jun 2022

Vidy Théâtre Lausanne

Tonight I spent the evening carrying an adorably bossy speaker round town as part of Rimini Protokoll’s Utopolis for MIF. The speaker had great beats and strong ideas and made us lot build our own utopia for the evening. Amazing participatory immersive theatre.



Writers & Directors – Rimini Protokoll (Haug/Kaegi/Wetzel)

Dramaturg – Katja Hagedorn

Associate Director – Rebecca Taylor Sharman

Composer – Harry Ovington

Sound Designer – Dan Steele

Designer – The Office of Craig Oldham

Creative Technologist, Suund System – Chris Ball

Creative Technologist, SMS System – Steffen Klaue

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