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Fri 5 July, 2019

Sat 20 July, 2019

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Tania Bruguera’s powerful, provocative and inspiring new work draws us nearer to those who’ve made this city their home, inviting us to discover and embrace the diversity in our midst.

During MIF19, the school offered over 80 classes on a wide-ranging curriculum that includes food, customs, ethics, politics and many other forms of knowledge – classes given by local people originally from countries around the world, from Zimbabwe to Tibet. These were not only instructional lessons, but something more personal and vivid. Each teacher passed on their own experiences, sharing skills, knowledge and culture in a different kind of communal integration and learning experience in the heart of Manchester.

Open and free to all, School of Integration fostered cohesion and helped build bridges of cultural understanding – encouraging us to eliminate the idea of strangeness and cherish a plurality of voices, and integrating us with the world.

Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival and Manchester Art Gallery.

Image Credit: Michael Pollard


Tue 16 June, 2020 -
Sun 21 June, 2020
Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz
Sat 23 May, 2020 -
Sat 13 June, 2020
Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz

A haven for people to share experiences and knowledge . . . A forum for the pleasure of coming together and using the gallery as a place in which everyone is a participant

The Guardian

The School of Integration humanizes the faceless immigrants that the public are so often taught to fear, spurring a change of outlook. . . If art, as she suggests, can really be a tool for social change, we can hope that this is just the beginning


In a cultural atmosphere that often accentuates divisions the opportunity to come together with people unlike ourselves is most welcome.



Abbas Qureshi, Raag of the Moment

Adriana Buonfontino, Find Your Character

Akhter Ali & Beena Nouri, Kurdish Kolours

Aklima Akhter & Taskina Jasmin, There’s only one curry – Queen of Fish

Anya Mikolajczyk, Pottery  and Polish

Barley Koyangbwa & Evelyn Mbuluku, Barley’s Puff Puffs

Beatriz Lazarus, From Tai Chi to Samba

Bukky Toba & Eniola Toba, Joy of Jollof

Carlos Vicente, Buckets, Fruit and Tiles – A crash course from Cape Verde

Circle Steele, Crossing Culture Crossing Time

Claudia Alonso, Screenprinting Spain

Denise Yuen Megson, Chinese Healthcare : Expectations and Reality

Denise Yuen Megson and Circle Steele, ABC of Dumplings

Dimitra Nitso, Tiropitakia

Emma Maragliano, Dante’s Journey for Today

Evelyn Mbuluku with Imade Alueboh, Braiding your History

Farzana Butt & Shamim Ashfin, In the Eye of the Beholder

Fathima Saly, SSOL

Gaetana Tripetti, I am from Italy, ask me a question (No Football)

Gio Baglioni, A Crash Course in Real Latin Music

Gloria Saya, Rags and Dolls

Hanane El Hadioui, Show the Love

Helena Lee and Sara Davies, Fragments from Sweden

Humberto Velez, What do we mean by Mancunian?

Hwa Young, Games Café

Imade Rosemary Aluboe, Calm Palm

Irina Dubinska, Grassroots – Not your Ordinary Cuppa Tea

Ivona Torovin, Journey into the unknown

Juliet Davis, Healing Hands

Junko Popham, Harmony and Balance

Karolina Koścień, Polish Dumplings, A Fruit Dumpling is a Savoury main course

Kouame Kouakou, Coffee, Cotton and Chocolate

Lara Kazeem, If you can survive in Nigeria you can survive anywhere (& eggrolls)

Lena Munday, Augmenting – Wishful thinking

Leo Muhammed, Leonardo’s Life Drawing

Lotte Karlsen, Art as Activism

Luma Alsaif, Glass Relief

Mais Afyouni, Shushbarek from a Syrian Kitchen

Manya Alkhmri, In my Image

Mei Yuk Wong, The Art of Protest

Moj Bakh, Bazaar Painting

Nayab Butt & Mahnoor Butt, Purpose of Paratha

Pat Mackela, Is Marriage for now?

Rachel De Ridder, Sourdough Starter Baking (with an Aussie)

Rasha Mafrachi and Sahar Kahalf, Crumbs! it’s Fatta, Kubba Croquettes

Rawia Alwani, Get your Freek on

Renate Wendel, Music of the Rhine

Resham & Zeyneb, The Meaning of Mendhi

Rivca Rubin, Positive Language – Upwording Our world

Rizwana Hameed, Chicken Pulao the Prince of Rice

Rudo Mwoyoweshumba & Dudu Zella Mango, Sadza and Rugare

Saira Qureshi, Art of the Indus, Do you take Sugar In your Tea? There are no corners in Africa, The Point of Hello

Shazia Mufeez, Shami and Shakira

Shahireh Sharif, The Book of Kings

Shamim Akhtar & Shazia Mufeez, There’s Only One Curry – Lassi di Karhi and Pakoras

Stephanie Heude, Madeline De Proust, My Napoleon

Tatyana Maurer, I’m Russian, Don’t be Afraid

Tsering Lahmo & Ngawang Lahmo, Momo NOT Dumplings

Umer Rafiq, You don’t like Cricket, you love it!

Vinetta, Tarot Cards for Brexit

Zeeshan Butt, Languages of the Indus


Listening time: 26 minutes

Welcome to your first day at the School of Integration. This episode is all about sharing knowledge across cultural divides. When people arrive in a new country they are usually expected to learn the customs and languages of the host culture, but what if the tables were turned?

Cuban artist Tania Bruguera acknowledges that integration is a two-way street and gives us the chance to learn from people who have moved to Manchester and made it their home.

On the curriculum are lessons by the Congolese drummer and community leader Pat Mackela, who asks is marriage a topic for the 21st Century? Mei Yuk Wong, an artist from Hong Kong discusses the art of protest, and Iranian writer Shahireh Sharif shares the forward thinking insights of Shahnameh, an epic Persian poem written over a thousand years ago.

Don’t forget your homework!

Hosted by Isaiah Hull. Music by Vicky Clarke. Produced by Rebecca Gaskell.

A Reduced Listening and Manchester International Festival production.


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