Playing Through the Looking Glass

16 Jan 2021

Accessibility features available for this event: Captioning Audio Description

Join us for a unique edition of Festival in My House… and Yours: a film immersion into the sonic and visual experiences of visually impaired people under lockdown…

Elizabeth Wainwright is a visually impaired actor–facilitator from Bury who has spent lockdown helping visually impaired people to connect, learn new skills and beat the homebound blues. In January, she invited a trio of brilliant creatives to lead three special performance workshops for visually impaired people – and Blain Norvun’s beautiful short film captures the magic, the movement and the madness of what happened.

We’ll see how the group explored the magic of Shakespeare’s writing for the stage, learned how to develop a character through movement and discovered how clowning can help them tap into their inner l’idiot – all experienced as a filmic dream depicting the fun and delight that defined the day. This accessible film can be enjoyed by visually impaired and sighted people alike – so why not come with us on a playful journey through the looking glass…

Supported and presented by Manchester International Festival.

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Supported and presented by Manchester International Festival.

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