Arty Farty

26 Mar - 11 Jun 2021

Great Northern Warehouse


Adults £12, Children £6, a number of £10 tickets will be available

Recommended ages 8+
Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes

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Alright, be honest: what good are the arts? What do they mean? What are they for? Do you and your community need the arts – or want them?

Chloe Barlow and Josh Wilkinson, aka North Manchester theatre duo Malandra Jacks, will be posing such provocative questions for Festival in My House… And Yours – and they’re enlisting fellow artists and residents of Moston and Harpurhey to help them find some answers. Streaming live on MIF’s YouTube channel, Arty Farty is both a celebration and a satire on all things arty – and an exploration of the challenges and barriers faced by working-class artists looking to build a career in the arts.

Arty Farty is the latest instalment in our monthly series of micro-international festivals created and streamed from home by Greater Manchester artists. Everyone’s welcome and it’s all free. Join us!

Supported and presented by Manchester International Festival.

two people who looking into a mirrow upside down pulling fiunny faces

Arty Farty BSL Version

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