UNLOCKED: Creative Careers is an exciting four-week programme designed to empower and inspire students to explore the vast world of creative careers. This programme aims to unlock the potential within each participant, providing them with valuable insights, practical skills, and a deep understanding of the diverse opportunities available in the creative industries.

Over the course of four engaging two-hour sessions, students will collaboratively craft an event designed for delivery at Aviva Studios, all while benefiting from valuable insights shared by industry artists and professionals. The programme focuses on honing essential skills required for creative careers, such as project management, collaboration, communication and problem-solving and is delivered by Factory International’s incredible artist-facilitators, ensuring participants receive guidance from professionals immersed in the creative industry.

Students will then have the chance to participate in a one-day work experience opportunity at Aviva Studios, where they can directly learn from the broader Factory International team and gain insights into the intricacies of a world-class arts and cultural venue.

This programme will be delivered across the 2024 Summer term with the one-day work experience opportunity taking place in June/July 2024.

UNLOCKED: Creative Careers is supported by Aviva.

How to apply

If this event sounds like something your school would be interested in please complete our simple application form.

Tuesday 6 February – applications open

Friday 8 March, 12pm – applications close

Schools will be notified in due course. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Creative Learning Team at learning@factoryinternational.org.

How does the programme work?

Our team of Artist-Facilitators will visit selected schools and deliver a recruitment assembly to encourage students to apply to this opportunity. Schools will then select 20 students to take part in the programme.

Factory International artist-facilitators will then deliver UNLOCKED at school across a four-week period. Each young person will take part in six hours of learning (four x two-hour sessions). Where possible our artist-facilitators will deliver the workshops on the same weekday across the four-week period, however we will work with your school to fit the programme around your timetable. There is also the possibility of delivering one of the workshops at Aviva Studios, dependent upon scheduling. In June/July 2024, participants will then be invited to Aviva Studios to take part in a one-day work experience opportunity where they will learn directly from the wider Factory International team. The cost of travel to Aviva Studios for staff and students must be covered by selected schools.

This programme is designed for Year 9, 10 & 11 students but can be adapted to suit the school’s needs.

What will Factory International offer?

  • A high-quality four-week creative learning programme and 1 recruitment assembly
  • A one-day work experience opportunity for students on the programme
  • A dedicated member of staff to oversee the programme and be a point of contact
  • A team of skilled artist-facilitators with vast experience working with young people of varying needs


  • Provide dedicated member/s of staff for the Creative Learning Team to contact prior to, during and following the programme
  • Organise and cover the cost of travel for students and staff to Aviva Studios. Please be aware we do not have coach parking on-site, coaches will need to drop the group off and return for pick-up. Public transport is recommended where possible.
  • Contribute to and complete Factory International’s monitoring and evaluation processes, including providing parents/guardians with Factory International’s photo and video consent form and returning forms prior to the programme.
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