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Lost and Found is a brand new stage adaptation of Oliver Jeffers’ children’s book, adapted by renowned children’s TV and theatre producer Will Brenton, produced by Factory International and shared at Aviva Studios from 13 December 2023 to 6 January 2024.

We have teamed up with Odd Arts to create an exciting workshop opportunity for young people from Primary Schools across Greater Manchester. Our team of creatives, including Odd Arts & Visual Artists, will visit each Primary School, including SEND and alternative provisions, where they will explore Lost and Found’s themes of Friendship, Resilience and Re-use through drama and visual arts across a full-day workshop. The creative workshop is designed to support the delivery of the National Curriculum.

This project will take place in the Autumn 23 term.

How to apply

If this project sounds like something your school would be interested in, please complete our simple online application form. Priority will be given to schools who will benefit most from the project, including those with higher percentages of students eligible for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium.

- Friday 22 September – applications open

- Friday 20 October – applications close

- Schools will be notified in due course

If you have any questions please get in touch with our Creative Learning Team at

How does the project work?

- Participating Schools will purchase tickets for a max of 2 classes of children for Lost and Found’s matinee performance on Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th or Thursday 14th December, 10:30am. Preferred date is subject to availability. For every 10 student tickets purchased a teacher/support member of staff will receive a free ticket. Tickets are the discounted rate of £10 per student. If you require additional staff members for the trip then extra tickets must be purchased. If any students require 1-1 support, we can offer a free personal assistant ticket.

- In return, our team of Artists & Facilitators will deliver up-to 2 full-day creative workshops at each school across November-December 2023. This project has been designed for KS1 students and we intend to work with the students who will watch the Lost and Found performance.

- We can work with up-to 2 classes from each school (one class per day), dependent upon the number of classes the school has purchased tickets for. This could be 2 classes from one year group, 2 classes from different year groups, or simply one class.

The workshops will be delivered by highly-skilled professional artists and will explore themes of Friendship, Resilience and Re-use through drama and visual arts across a full-day workshop.

Key dates

- This project will be delivered between November and December 2023.

- The Lost and Found performance is on Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th or Thursday 14 December 2023 at 10:30am.


- Up to 2 full-day creative workshops delivered at each participating school, linked to the themes of Lost and Found and the National Curriculum

- Access to highly-skilled professional artists, including Odd Arts, with experience working with young people of varying needs

- A Creative Learning Manager who will oversee the project and be a point of contact

- Purchase tickets for up-to two classes of students from your school to see Lost and Found on Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th or Thursday 14th December at 10:30am. Preferred date is subject to availability. Please don’t purchase tickets until you have been directed by the Factory International team.

- Provide dedicated member/s of staff for the Creative Learning Manager to contact prior to and throughout the course of the project

- Provide a dedicated member of teaching staff to be present during all workshops

- Provide a dedicated team of staff to accompany students to the performance of Lost and Found

- Organise and cover the cost of travel for students and staff to Aviva Studios to see Lost and Found. Please be aware we do not have coach parking on-site, coaches will need to drop the group off and return for pick-up.

- Provide an appropriate space for workshops to take place

- Contribute to and complete Factory International’s monitoring and evaluation processes

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