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Factory Academy’s Future 15 live events programme takes place over three weeks and provides students with a strong foundation to start a career in live events.

Throughout the course, students attend live events workshops at different cultural venues in Manchester – going behind the scenes at venues like The Lowry, HOME and the Albert Hall to learn about the inner-workings of the live events industry.

At the end of the programme, students practice their job interview technique to prepare them for their next steps towards a career in the creative industries.

We caught up with Future 15 alumni, Michelle, Kyle and Josh to hear about their experience on the programme, why they signed up, what they learnt and what’s next for them.

'I’ve really enjoyed how versatile the course has been. I’ve got so much out of it.'


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The length of the Future 15 course is great to utilise the momentum. You learn so much in three weeks.

It really pieced together the whole picture of what goes into putting on a live event. I got to see the industry from a completely different perspective, from attending events to seeing how they come together.

I’ve really enjoyed how versatile the course has been. I’ve got so much out of it, and it’s been so useful to focus on my direction and personal development.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is about is both the power of teamwork and not being afraid to be both an individual and be part of a team.

'The follow up offering from the course has been amazing, you just feel so supported.'



As foundational learning about working in the live events industry, this course has been fantastic.

Going from attending events to learning how they are created, you get to see just how much is involved. Those bright lights don’t just put themselves on, and it’s so insightful seeing how it is all put together.

I’ve found that the programme gives such a realistic insight into the industry. You get a clear vision of the hours and what working life is like. The professionals we have met have been so open and honest about what it is like to work in this industry. It’s been a very human experience.

The follow up offering from the course has been amazing, you just feel so supported. It’s not a case of finishing the course and that’s it, but we’ve been told to stay in touch and keep the momentum of this new network going.

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'Factory Academy has given me the direction I needed and I’ve learnt about skills I didn’t even know I had.'


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I had never thought about working in this industry and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or where to begin with my career. Factory Academy has given me the direction I needed, and I’ve learnt about skills I didn’t even know I had. It’s so worthwhile.

The course has been great for developing a foundational knowledge of the events industry and it really pieced together the inner workings of live events.

One of my favourite parts of the programme was getting to see all of the places and facilities from behind the scenes. We got to go backstage to see and learn about the equipment and studios in the Lowry. There’s so much to learn about the inner workings of the venue.

What's next?

Following on from the programme, the students will join the Factory Academy Alumni where they’ll be able to keep in touch with the Factory Academy team and draw on their new network as they take their next steps in their career.

We can’t wait to see where they go next. You can find out more about Factory Academy, their programmes and how to get involved here.

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