In the heart of Manchester, the industrial- yet-modern Aviva Studios is a place to make a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking to create an immersive experience, an exclusive live show or something entirely different, here, you can make it happen.

A magnet for creativity, Aviva Studios is home to Factory International, the team behind Manchester International Festival. And as the UK’s biggest cultural landmark since the Tate Modern, audiences won’t forget their time spent here.

Our shape-shifting venue provides a blank canvas for creating memorable experiences, and our in-house team of talent are on hand to help bring your vision to life.

And when you choose to host at Aviva Studios, you directly help us to widen engagement with the arts and develop the next generation of creative talent

You can realise an ambition or vision here and now in this place... It's a two-way street between Manchester and the rest of the world.

Peter Saville CBE

We're a bit different

Photograph of Aviva Studios

The place we call home

3rd most visited city for international tourists to the UK

2nd biggest music economy in the UK

3rd best city in the world, according to Time Out readers in September 2021

2nd most creative city in Europe, with a GVA of £1.4bn to the city from culture and creative industries

Photo of the audience watching Free Your Mind in the Hall

History in the making

Listed in Time Out’s ‘23 Best Things to Do in the World in 2023’

UK’s largest cultural landmark since the Tate Modern

We've got something special

Over 15 years’ experience producing the globally renowned Manchester International Festival

Diverse team of in-house experts covering all aspects event production and managers

Access to technical expertise in lighting, sound and more

Sustainably designed spaces to minimise energy consumption

Widening access to the arts and diversifying the workforce through Factory Academy

Over 15 years’ experience producing the globally renowned Manchester International Festival

We're shapeshifters

We have four unique, industrial yet modern spaces – the Warehouse, the Hall, the Public Realm and the Social – that flex to your needs.

Accommodates up to 5,000 people

A retractable wall allows you to reconfigure the space into the North and South Warehouse

Acoustic separation and allowing multi-use across the venue at any one time

Direct articulated truck access

Anchor points in the wall to support any kind of mount or rigging

Universal technical grid across the ceiling

Expected annual footfall of 850,000

Supplementing River Square, the Undercroft runs below Aviva Studios, creating a covered external space and enabling activities to take place year-round

External power supply WiFi provision within the Undercroft

Connected to neighbouring St John’s business and leisure district

Up to 2,100m2 of space to be hired across the Public Realm

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