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  • Factory Academy

    Factory Academy’s free training programmes will nurture the technicians, producers and arts professionals of the future.
  • Artist Development

    Experimentation and ambition drive our work at Factory International. This is the place to stretch out, develop and evolve.
  • International Training

    Learn from Factory International producers and real-life case studies, attend talks by industry experts and meet global leaders in our sector.
  • Schools and Learning

    There is creativity in everyone, at any age. All you need are two things: curiosity and a sense of fun.

Join in, get involved

  • Culture's created by all of us, not only artists or institutions; so everything we do reflects and celebrates this collective experience. We're inviting you in and offering up lots of opportunities to get involved.

    Through an eye-opening programme of performances, collaborative projects and learning opportunities, we want Factory International to become a second home to you.

    The place to get inspiration, use your imagination, find meaning and experience more joy and fulfilment in life.

    Whatever your interest or ambition – whether it’s throwing your limbs around in the name of art or building a career in game design – you’ll get lots of encouragement here.

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