About Company Chameleon

Company Chameleon started when Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner met at Trafford Youth Dance Theatre in the mid-1990s. Two ordinary lads from Manchester, they shared an ambition to dance professionally. After developing their talent at Trafford, they went on to train with the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and after graduating travelled and worked with some of the world’s most innovative dance companies and choreographers. 

They came home in 2007 with the aim of setting up their own dance company – and Company Chameleon was born. Today, Company Chameleon tours internationally, staging over 50 indoor and outdoor performances every year. 

An extensive learning and participation programme takes place alongside the touring programme, where we introduce people to our unique and accessible movement style. Through workshops, we take dance into schools, prisons and all different community settings. Over the years, we’ve introduced thousands of people, from all over the world, to a different side of dance and movement. 

In 2018, we moved into our own dance space in Openshaw, Manchester, setting out a new vision to create a dance hub for Greater Manchester. Although we have lots more work to do, the vision is already being realised through the programme of classes we offer for young people, adults, and professional dance artists. In 2019, Company Chameleon welcomed Dame Darcey Bussell on board as the Company’s first-ever Patron.

Company Chameleon: Deep Flow is on show as part of The Welcome – our nine-day cultural celebration to mark the opening of Aviva Studios.

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