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Factory International Schools is Factory International’s year-long partnership programme for secondary schools.

It launches in September 2023 as a pilot year and brings our abundance of creativity, international art, music, theatre and dance directly to your school.

Taking place both in your school and at our new home, the programme offers weekly creative sessions with clear links to the National Curriculum, as well as enrichment opportunities and exposure to the variety of creative careers within the industry.

Factory International Schools is designed to improve wellbeing and unlock creativity through participation in creative workshops linked to our major commissions, including Free Your Mind, The Welcome and other work to be announced in the new year.

Throughout the programme, together we’ll build skills towards a final celebration, which will be an ambitious and unique youth-led event supported by our team and taking place in our venue.

How to apply

This is open to schools who meet the criteria below. Please complete the online form to submit your application.

  • Must be a State Secondary School in Greater Manchester, including SEND and alternative provision;
  • need for an Arts & Culture intervention in your school;
  • ability to work with Factory International throughout the course of the Factory International Schools programme to support its future development.

Applications close on 21 April at 12pm. Shortlisted schools will be invited to interview, at their school, in May 2023.

See below for key dates.

Key Dates

  • Monday 17 April 2023, 3.45-4.45pm - Online Q&A session
  • Fri 21 April 12pm - Applications close
  • May - Interviews
  • Sep 2023-Jul 2024 - Factory International Schools pilot programme delivered

How to find out more?

We're hosting an online Q&A session on Monday 17 April 2023, 3.45-4.45pm. This is a chance to meet the Factory International Creative Learning team, find out more Factory International Schools and ask questions. 

What are the outcomes?

  • To improve learners’ wellbeing and enhance social and emotional learning
  • To build long lasting relationships with young people, teachers, and school communities
  • To expose learners to creative careers and provide enrichment opportunities
  • To inform the development of Factory International’s future year-round offer for schools

Frequently asked questions

Throughout the year, young people will focus on three overarching schemes of learning – PLAY - CREATE - SHARE.

Each term young people will use play and creativity to build social and self-awareness, make responsible decisions, and improve relationship skills and self-management. The programme will scaffold towards a final celebration event led by young people for their peers to experience, supported by Factory International.

Factory International Artists and Facilitators will be embedded in each school on a weekly basis to deliver creative workshops. Sessions will explore social and emotional themes and art-forms linked to our wider programme, including performances and exhibitions.

Activity will support the national curriculum including creative writing, digital skills, and citizenship. The sessions will be delivered by an experienced Lead Facilitator who’ll work with students throughout the entirety of the programme, ensuring young people build strong relationships. The Lead Facilitator will tailor learning to suit individual needs and interests.

Guest Artists will also deliver workshops throughout the programme, exposing young people to familiar and new art forms through Artist-led sessions, building creative skills, confidence, and ambition.

We’ll work with each school to implement the programme into their timetable, to ensure it meets learner’s needs and is on a path to achieving both the school’s and Factory International’s goals.

Young people will visit us a minimum of three times throughout the programme. Trips will include watching world-class performances, experiencing dress and tech rehearsals, and connecting with our wider team to understand what it’s like to have a career in the arts. Young people will have regular opportunities to perform and share their work at school, in the digital world and at our new home. There will also be limited work experience opportunities for students at each partner school.

The 23-24 pilot programme is open to secondary schools across Manchester and Greater Manchester, including SEND and alternative provision such as pupil referral units.

In this pilot year, we are looking to work with schools who are interested in helping shape the future of the programme.

The 23-24 programme is open to Secondary Schools only, however we have ambition to open this opportunity to all schools in the future.

As the 23/24 Schools partnership programme is a pilot there will be no charge to take part in the initial year. In return we will expect schools to invest time and resource into Factory International Schools' evaluation and future development.

Additional travel costs to Factory International will need to be covered by schools.

Factory International will:

  • Provide high-quality creative learning sessions on a weekly basis at the partner schools
  • Organise a minimum of 3 visits to Factory International across the course of the academic year
  • Provide opportunity for students to share work created on the programme
  • Provide a dedicated Creative Learning Manager to oversee the programme and be a point of contact
  • Provide a team of skilled facilitators with ample experience working with young people of varying needs
  • Conduct thorough evaluation throughout the programme, supported by BeeWell and the University of Manchester, to ensure the programme is achieving its outcomes
  • Offer limited work experience opportunities to partner schools
  • Support teachers to embed creativity and the arts into the curriculum 

Schools will need to:

  • Provide dedicated member/s of staff for the Creative Learning Manager to contact prior to and throughout the course of the programme
  • Provide a dedicated member of teaching staff to be present during all workshops
  • Provide a dedicated team of staff to accompany students on visits to Factory International
  • Organise and cover the cost of travel for students and staff when visiting Factory International
  • Provide weekly access to the selected students, in our targeted group
  • Provide a dedicated space for workshops to take place. The space must be appropriate to the workshop e.g., a sports hall / gym if delivering a movement session
  • Complete Factory International’s monitoring and evaluation processes, including access to student monitoring data
  • Support Factory International in gathering appropriate consent for student participation in the programme from parents and carers
  • Advocate for Factory International and the Factory International Schools programme with governors, staff, students, parents, and carers

The Lead Facilitator will be available for up to one full day with each school, every week across the academic year. During this time, they can work with more than one class of learners, however it’s essential groups remain the same throughout the programme so we’re able to properly evaluate individual growth.

Factory International Schools has been designed for KS3 students but can be adapted for KS4.

We’ve partnered with The University of Manchester and BeeWell to support the evaluation of the programme. A PhD student will join the Factory International Schools team for a three-year period to support Factory International Schools’ evaluation in partnership with Factory International.

The programme’s been designed around a CASEL social and emotional framework (SEL), which helps cultivate social skills that advance students’ learning and development and help young people make a successful transition towards adulthood.

It’s really lovely to see them have that creative freedom really, that kind of environment where they can have a little play around with different ideas and making it more of an activity that they can identify with, incorporating them, their culture, their friends, their community

Teacher, Oasis Academy

I learnt how to be open and overcome things I was nervous about

Student, Oasis Academy

The biggest impact has been on their confidence. A few children in my class were selective mute and I didn’t think they were going to do anything in front of the class at all. It turns our one of them had a really loud voice and showed this in front of more than just one class, so seeing their confidence go up has been amazing for me

Teacher, Holy Trinity Primary School

I learnt that if you are scared to do something you can do it, you just need some confidence

Student, Holy Trinity Primary School

The opportunity for [our student] to perform empowered her massively. This will have had such a huge impact on her self-belief, self-worth and confidence

Teacher, Great Academy Ashton

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